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Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Trampoline means hours of fun, safe exercise - and you don’t have to bribe the kids to use it! Ten minutes of jumping is as good as a 30 minute run - and way more fun!

Finally an innovative way for children and adults alike to experience the health benefits and joy of jumping safely. In addition to the obvious fun, trampolines provide exceptional physical exercise. Jumping strengthens every muscle, organ, tendon, ligament, and cell in your body.

Only Springfree Trampoline has truly innovative features that make jumping safer and more enjoyable than ever. Invented by a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Keith Alexander set out to create a safe trampoline for his own kids and in doing so created the first truly innovative design variant since the original trampoline was released in the 1930’s. The revolutionary and patented safety features found in a Springfree make it the world’s safest trampoline.

Photo Gallery of Springfree Trampoline
Trampoline by Springfree Trampoline
Trampolines by Springfree Trampoline
Trampoline with Enclosure by Springfree Trampoline
Kids Trampolines by Springfree Trampoline

Spring Free Trampolines
Springfree Trampoline
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