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Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Rainbow Play Systems

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Rainbow Play Systems

With Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane) Harvey approaching the Texas coastline, it’s a good time to remember that hurricane preparedness extends beyond your home’s four walls. Your yard can be a generator of debris during the high winds and flooding rains of a major weather event, and you should take steps to secure your…

Eat, Sleep, Jump, Repeat: How Springfree Made Our Backyard Better

Springfree Better

By Autumn Rose Reo, I remember the first day we woke up in our house 10 years ago and thought “wow, what should we do with all this yard!” We wanted a place to host our friends. We wanted a comfortable place to enjoy warm summer days and cool autumn nights. We wanted a place…

Can I park my car or truck in a prefab storage shed?

Woodtex Prefab Storage Building Garage

Only one in four homeowners have room to park a car in their garage! The folks at Woodtex talk a lot about helping people Make Room for Life ™, and that includes getting your car or truck safely parked in a garage. Your vehicle is a big purchase and it just doesn’t make sense to keep…

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